Will Roads Become Replaced by Air Travel Like the Rail Way System Was Replaced

During the time of the industrial revolution train travel was one of the most popular forms of transport. Faster than horses and less strenuous than cycling railway transportation was a first choice for travelers. The range of classes within the trains offered both cash strapped and money rich individuals the opportunity to travel by train.

Trains had the advantage of travelling long distances across the country easily. Passengers could sleep, eat and relax and they travelled to places afar. This wasn’t a luxury introduced to any social class of the world beforehand. When travelling before you would stop to eat or use the restroom. Journeys were a painstaking hassle.

For those with money the train brought a new level of opulence to travel which we can attribute to the luxury travel methods we have today. Back then high afternoon tea would be served on the train journeys. The afternoon teas would consist of high quality, gourmet, hotel grade nibbles that would satisfy their eager taste buds whilst they steadfastly get to their desired destination. French wine and bubbly champagne over flowed whilst jokes and laughter were passed around. Once the festivities finished the upper-class passenger could go and have a rest in their private cubicle and freshen up in a private bathroom afterwards. This level of grandeur intermingled with travel resulted in the populations favoring rail over travelling by motor car.

Luxury camper

When the motor car began to advance things took a flip side for rail travel. The populations then became madly addicted to the notion of being in a private driving vehicle without being bothered by other people you may not be acquainted to. Motor cars began to be undergo their own luxury developments. Luxury cars such as Bentleys and Rolls Royce’s were all the range, especially with private drivers being readily available to whisk their passenger wherever they wanted to go. Specifically, Bentley underwent its dramatic luxury update from 1943. The economic depression of the 1930’s did affect the production of the Bentley Motors however they bounced right back once that season has passed.

Luxury first class train tram

Many ditched the trains and choose to go for these high-end luxury motors. They were a sign of wealth and one car could potentially buy your train travel for one year. The more cars you had to flash the more money you had in the bank.

Now will travel by motor cars be replaced by air travel. Will people begin to despise the bounces and vibrations of the road saying that it contributes to more wrinkles being produced or that it is just simply uncomfortable? Air travel by motor car is not far off. German car manufacturer Volkswagen released a video of a hover car in 2012 that sent the world on a frenzy.

In the very near future could the only time a car gets in contact with the road be when it is parked?