The World’s Self-Driving Cars

Has the world become techno-crazy or pure lazy?

From house controlling systems such as the Alexa, a virtual personal assistant developed by e-commerce giant Amazon, to Siri the Apple iPhone assistant you can command to phone your relatives or play a specific song. The world is on the cusp of total technologisation.

The notion of self-driven cars has been ingrained into the subconscious mindsets of the 20th and 21st century masses through cinematic films. Films such as Knight rider starring David Hasselhoff and his side kick car which had a life of its own driving, speaking and even attacking foes. On a less, fictional basis self-driving cars appeared in Will Smiths, i –  Robot. This perspective of self-driving cars was a more realistic one as Smith was being driven in an AI controlled Audi. Self-driven cars are most definitely not a concept that is mind boggling to this era.

Will Smith standing beside his self-driving car in i – Robot.

There are many virtues that come with self-driving motors. One is the level of safety attained on national roads. Self-driving cars are much safer than human driven motors. Self-driving cars operate using sensors which detect the present of physical objects near the car. The ability to detect obstacles afar and to stop the car instantly is quickened as it is a decision set up within the cars programming. Human nature will make the process of stopping of the car a few seconds longer which can increase the chances of a fatal crash occurring. Many do not favor self-driving do to the loss of control but the loss of life from human controlled driving is more widespread.

Right now self-driving cars can be bought by any old Joe. Tesla is a leading self-driving car provider. All Tesla motors have an autopilot mode in which the car fully drives itself while the passengers relax. Some of its models can reach titillating 70 kilometers per hour on autopilot.

Lele Pons

German car giant Mercedes has mingled luxury and technology. They already have self-driving cars that do well on motorways. They are now aiming for self-driving cars that drive superbly on twisted country roads (you know those ones we all hate to drive on).

Of course, Audi couldn’t resist bringing the cinematic element featured in i – Robot to life. Some of their models now allow you to binge on Lele Pons on Instagram or watch your favorite Netflix series while stuck in traffic. This takes the edge out of Friday evening traffic after a week in the office. Thanks Audi!

Self-driving cars are amazing but is the world getting to technological? Are we on the brink of a Matrix like event where all these techno gadgets, goods and vehicles evolve and take their stand against our constant demands? The faint hearted mustn’t dwell on such lest they live like a hermit in a techno forward universe.