The World’s Most Scenic Roads – Part 1

There is something quite romantic taking a road trip, whether it is in an open top sports car or a grand touring motorcycle, hitting the open road is a freedom.


The World’s Most Scenic Roads – Part 1

And some roads make the journey more important than the destination. In this blog we travel the highways and byways of some of the most scenic roads in the world, and we start our grand tour in California.

Highway One – Monterey County

Highway One has got to be one of America’s most beautiful roads, it runs along almost the whole of the Californian coastline hugging the cliffs from Los Angeles in the north and makes its way south. Perhaps the most breathtaking part is when Highway One passes through the Monterey region and the most beautiful small town of Carmel-by-the-Sea. Continuing south you reach the magnificent Big Sur of California, with its towering cliffs and giant redwoods. Take time out to see Bixby Creek Bridge which is one of the finest examples of arch bridges that Monterey County has to offer.

Atlantic Road – Norway

Compared to the giant length of Highway One in America, the Atlantic Road of Norway is just over five miles in length. This Nordic highway links the small picturesque villages of Karvag and Vevang. This most scenic of roads stretches over a series of low bridges and also a beautiful archipelago. The Atlantic Road is often cited by adventurers as one of the greatest driving roads in the world, but it must be said in parts it is not for the fainthearted. This great piece of engineering twists and turns through the most dramatic of seascapes including the magnificent Storeisundet Bridge, which is just one of eight dramatic bridges that you will cross on this awesome journey.

Ruta 40 – Argentina

From the sublime to the ridiculous, our last road measured just over five miles, but Ruta 40 in Argentina covers over three thousand miles and is one of the world’s longest roads. It starts at the border town of La Quiaca and does not end until at reaches its most southern point of Cabo Virgenes. This majestic roads travels through the remoteness of Patagonia and its huge plains, flanks the towering peaks of the snow-capped Andes, reaches its highest peak of Abra del Acay which is five thousand meters above sea level, before reaching its end at the tip of Argentina in the south. A journey that truly showcases the stunningly diverse landscape that Argentina has to offer.

Milford Road – New Zealand

Milford Road sounds that is should be a small lane somewhere in suburbia, but it is exactly the opposite. It traverses one of the great journeys of the South Island in New Zealand, ending at Milford Sound. This epic road passes through the stunning landscape of New Zealand’s Southern Alps and only takes two hours to complete. As you travel along this beautiful highway you will get the opportunity to see the spectacular Mirror Lakes which reflect the towering Earl Mountains perfectly. In part two of our journey along some of the world’s most scenic roads we will travel to Asia and Europe to traverse even more stunning highways.

Milford Road – New Zealand

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