The Greatest Road Trip of All: Route 66 – Part 2

Researching attractions and sites

There are some absolutely stunning landscapes, landmarks, and locations but it’s worth bearing in mind that there are certain parts that hold more appeal than others. Each state has something unique to offer and you should invest some time in research to find out what their highlights are in advance, certainly if you’re running low on time.

There are opportunities for you to enjoy all kinds of experiences when crossing the country but if you find out about the main attractions and sites in advance, you don’t miss out on anything.

While each traveller has his or her own interests and preferences, there are certain attractions and sights along Route that stand out. These include Hollywood and Santa Monica Pier in LA, Santa Fe (the oldest capital city in the U.S.), The Cadillac Ranch in Texas, Cowboy country in Oklahoma City and Tulsa, Downtown Springfield in Missouri, Little Italy, Chinatown, and The John Hancock Centre in Chicago, a Mississippi River Cruise and Union Square in St Louis, Tucumcari Historical Museum in Albuquerque, Casa del Desierto (aka Harvey House) in Barstow, California, and Grand Canyon National Park, Flagstaff, and Petrified National Forest Park in Arizona.

Setting your budget

Most people about to embark on a journey set themselves a budget. Arranging and budgeting for a road trip can be a more complicated task than budgeting for an all-inclusive trip or a package holiday, however.

The costs involved with a Route 66 road trip can vary wildly, with a range of options for vehicle rentals such as motorhomes, car hire, and vintage classics, to various accommodations like guesthouses, luxury hotels, and motels. So, whatever your range of budget, there will be a Route 66 trip out there for you.

Booking a motormen or accommodation

Route 66 is among the US’s most well-known attractions and also one of the busiest. It’s in your best interest to spend time researching where to stay in order to break up long journeys and ensure easy access to parts of the route that appeals to you the most.

Another option would be for you to book a motorhome and enjoy your own home on wheels. These can be small compact motorhomes or larger ones for families or up to four adults and two children, allowing the whole family to sleep and travel in comfort. There’s no shortage of RV or motorhome parks along the way with great facilities.

Maximising your trip

There’s a lot of anticipation and excitement when it comes to a road trip, certainly one as famous and as popular as Route 66. After all, it’s a part of American culture and history, and it’s been photographed and written about for generations. Write up an itinerary that maximises the time you have and show off the route at its best. Appreciate each individual state you visit along the way, along with the various experiences they offer, and feel free to fall in love with the atmosphere.