Disparity within the futuristic epoch

2018 is a world of comfort. Extreme comfort. Everyone wants what they want instantly, quickly and without any issues. This has created manifold issues for the era. We are now an era of here and now and not of tomorrow. An era that got too caught up in the technologisation of the world and forgot about taking steps with everything. From the time of the industrial revolution until this point the disparities are great and widening every day.

The 1970’s seemed like the perfect place in time. A period where cars were manifold, electrical goods were rife, but humanity was kept at heart. During that period televisions were used and families understood that taking the time to watch tv together wasn’t a past-time but a moment to enjoy as one. Families related watching tv as to going to the cinema. Kettles and microwaves were used merely as kitchen assistances and not actual methods to prepare full meals as we witness now. Cars were seldomly used with buses, trains, walking and bicycles still being a preferred method of transport. Nowadays things much more different. The differences are now too great, and it is too late to reverse what has been done.

Before advancements were slowly but surely to ensure that comfort was at heart, but not in the perspective of wanting to be overdependent on something other than yourself. First, we had the litter.  A sort of ‘portable bed’ to carry someone around on. Then came the horse drawn carriage. The horse drawn carriage can easily stand to be the last transportation innovation before cars came to invade the livelihoods of human beings for good. Cars are amazing, but they twisted the human mainframe to a point of no return. Cars are a point of highlighting your social status and not just to get around. When cars were introduced their use was primarily for getting from point A to point B (and looks where mildly considered).

Lamborghini hyper car

Nowadays cars are a point of highlighting your wealth and nothing more. Expensive Italian sports cars such as Lamborghini’s are bought only to be revved around and not accumulate a mileage of over 5 or 10 thousand kilometers. How has humans gotten to such a point where cars aren’t just for getting around. Not to say that buying a beautiful car is bad thing, but the reasoning behind it all makes all the difference

Globalization can be one of the blame for such disparities between the transport of this futuristic epoch and the transport networks of before, so much so for commerce. Globalization has fueled this world of wanting more and more but not for functionality sake. By definition is the process of how the world becomes interconnected by mass production of goods and services. Globalization has meant that more new cars are constantly being released, some which don’t even have any differences to the other in terms of functionality which further fuels the disparity between these times and those of before.