Cool and Hidden Features on The Roads of The World

We live in a world were secrecy is rife. The home you moved into may have secret basement the landlord doesn’t even know about. Your local shop keeper may have a secret stash of cigarettes he keeps for special customers while he tells others that they are out of stock. Heck, even McDonalds has a secret menu and hacks. Go and order your fries without salt and you’ll get a fresh batch of fries made just for you.

It might take longer to get them but who doesn’t love fries so hot and delicious you burn your mouth?

Jalalabad to Kabul, Afghanistan

When it comes to roads there are manifold secrets you might never know about until the person who constructed the road unveiled their hidden information’s. From scandalous affairs with Coco Chanel being imprinted secretly on the roads to mysterious caves there are way too many secrets of the road to uncover.

Ever driven on the road from Jalalabad to Kabul? For those who have you may not have felt how slanted and bent your car may have been. You are nearly defying gravity whilst driving on a road that is almost parallel to the Earth’s core. This isn’t known to many because of the lack of publicity regarding the road.

In the UK the road authorities have sneaky secrets up their sleeves that they regularly implement to ensure absolute road safety. In areas where they desire cars to drive at a slower speed they plant trees on either side of the road. This would fool the drivers into thinking that they were driving even faster than needed. The drivers would begin driving even less than the speed limit which is exactly what the local desired. Some sources say that the average motor speed was reduced by up to 10 km/h with this secret tactic.

In America north-eastern city of Chicago there a secret road that only government officials and certain buses travel on. Although it is called the “Bat Cave” by some it’s actual name is McCormick Place. It is a 4-kilometer-long road built in 2002. It was supposed to help whisk Chicago’s residents away from congested traffic jams but now it is prestigious road that you should honored to drive (if you ever drive on it).

Back to the United Kingdom again with a top secret hidden road feature nobody really understood for a while. The roads of Westminster are lined with lampposts that have the iconic double ‘C’ Chanel symbol on them. Yes, an uber couture brand’s logo is on the lampposts of the world’s most popular city. There is an apocryphal story behind this. The story is more romantic. It said that the fashion houses’ founder Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel enjoyed a 10-year affair with the second Duke of Westminster. Encapsulated by love the Duke is said to have said “My dear Coco I’d like to be reminded of you every time I inspect my bollards.” Whether or not the affair happened there are still the logos imprinted on the lampposts of London city.