Are Movies A Prophesy to The Future of Transportation?

Movies are said to be a testament to how the world will be in the future. Movies are almost always spot on in terms of what they predict the world to be. This is not to say that you should believe in movies like you believe in the news, but they do have some aspects that are either fully or partially credible. In the past decade movies that showcase futuristic travel have been proven to be legitimate with the similar transportation methods that are seen in the movie being readily available for public use.

The movie “Total Recall” is a science fiction movie starring the infamous Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie is centered on a construction worker who keeps having weird dreams about the planet Mars. One thing leads onto another and he makes it to Mars. During his time there he uses a taxi that was autonomous to get around. The taxi was called a “Jonny Cab” and the autonomous car would take you where you wanted to go in a jiffy. Sound familiar to getting an Uber. Well Uber is currently very near to having self-driven taxi’s taking its customers from one place to another. This is very possible as cars such as the Tesla that are fully autonomous already exist.

Blade runner is another chilling sci-fi movie with ideas we are now seeing. In the movie the police cars don’t drive but they hover around like helicopters. The main character is called a “blade runner”. This means that his core function was to go about killing scientifically engineered human beings. This year the prototype of a very similar vehicle seen in the movie will be released to the world by American company Terrafuggia. The organization is building an unfolding flying car that is due to be showcased to our eyes very soon.

The next movie was made over 40 years ago and so people argue that 40 years is enough time for technology to advance. Many say that movie is like a prophesy to the transport of now others say it was just an idea that the director came up with and then car manufacturers took the idea and had enough time to develop an actual product. The movie in context is “Logan’s Run”. The movie was released in 1976 and is set in the year 2274. The movie is unique as it explores futuristic views on life and death. In the movie when someone turns 30 they are reincarnated into a happier more psychedelic life. Apart from that the people in the movie are transported by a super slick people carrying carriage. The carriage moved swiftly without needing anyone to control it. In the movie they were two people pods. Heathrow airport and many other large city airports use the exact same type of automatic carriage system to transport their travelers from one terminal to another. It’s amazing how we do not even acknowledge the advances we have made technologically in the transport industry. Unless it is hovering, or self-operated we people of the 21st century rarely acknowledge such developments as “futuristic enough”.